Oni wrist wraps Pair IPF approved

Oni wrist wraps Pair IPF approved

Our Selling Price: US$35.00(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.

Weight: 430g

Embroidery(name or country):



Kodama Daiki, Ueda Shinji, Fukushima Yuki, Kimura Yasufumi, Fukushima Yukako, Kitamura Mayumi famous IPF Bench Wolrd record holders in Japan like Oni wrist wraps because of heavy support with confortable. They smashed WORLD RECORD with Oni wrist wraps.


Also begginer lifters are easy to use Oni wrist wraps because of confortable, stretch fabric.


Oni wrist wraps fit for both Begginers and Elites.


Length(including velcro):

35cm: for begginers or lifters don't like long wraps

60cm: our standard length for all lifters

75cm: better supportive for all lifters

99cm: super extremely supportive for elite lifters or lifters have wrist's severe pain


Packing weight:430g(including a box, bubble wrap)


Embroidery option needs 10$ and 1 week.


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