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If you purchase the following amount in December we will give free gift to you.


1 ÚČ╝ Classic Towel


10000JPY purchase



 2 ONI Calendar


15000JPY Purchase


Dear Customers,

We will change the currency for payment USD to JPY in October 2019.

Also, price and shipping cost will be revised.


Dear Customers,

We are sorry to inform you that Homura Benchpress shirt will be delayed. Originally we will ship in the end of July but we have to move this date to the end of August due to production delay.

Here customers are applied.

1 Compensation for online customer

2 Purchase at World Bench booth

We will keep inform you the updated status for actual delivery date.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Dear Customers,

We remove double seam on HOMURA benchpress shirt arm according to IPF 
instruction to solve HOMURA issue.
Please see the pictures. HOMURA bench shirt has double seam is not 
available in IPF competition.
We will ship removed double seam HOMURA bench shirt to all customers by 
But, they have end of double seam on arms because 2nd batch has already 
done and we must remove from finished products.
We showed this sample to Hannie Smith. He said "OK". You can use this 
shirt in competition even it has end of double seam.
Don't worry. 3rd batch has perfect single seam arms.
The reason we developed a part of double seam shirt is that a part of 
double seam looks on INZER BOLT, TITAN Super Centurion. We thought that 
a part of double seam is approved.
But, Hannie explained "Double seam BOLT was rejected and are not sold 
currently, Squat Suit and Bench Shirt are different standard".
If we remove the double seam on arm we can sell bench shirt. We follow
the instruction.
2nd batch removing is ongoing. We will e-mail to all customers when we 
get revised 2nd batch
Size change is available if you want. But, shipment priority will be 
low. It would be 3rd batch compensation. Take care of your competition 
We are really sorry for confusing and solve this issue.





ONI Ltd.
Motoya Okutani