Oni Launcher OMEGA

Oni Launcher OMEGA

Our Selling Price: US$60.00(tax incl.)

Weight: 930g

Do you understand the details and accept the terms all?:
This is CRAZY MONSTER! Please read our information certainly.

Oni launcher OMEGA is made of the stiffest double ply material.
Oni launcher OMEGA is superior to a single ply bench shirt. An experienced lifter can lift more over 80kg with Oni launcher OMEGA.
This product has super high risk to get injured. We recommend to train with some partners with a very light weight barbel that you can control perfectly.

Caff around size(Product size)


We recommend to use poly bag if you can't wear on elbow or on upper arm. The best effective position is on elbow but it needs experience to control a barbell.
Wearing on upper arm is more safty, less effective than on elbow. We never recommend to wear on forearm.

Sizing for begginer by body weight
-74kg  L
74-93kg XL
93kg-105kg 2XL
105kg- 3XL

Sizing for experienced lifter by body weight
-66kg S 
66-74kg M
74-93kg L
93-120kg XL
120kg- 2XL

How to use
You can wear Oni launcher OMEGA on elbows or on upper arms with poly bag easily.
First, narrow grip or close grip benchpress to strech material. After that wider grip gradually with high arch. When grip and arch are same to your own benchpress, Oni launcher OMEGA launch a barbel explosively.
You never use Oni launcher OMEGA without partners and high safety.

We never accept to exchange by the reason you can't use this product. We recommend to practice according to our how to use.

Packing weight:930g(including a box, bubble wrap)
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