Oni singlet IPF approved [ONI030]

Oni singlet IPF approved [ONI030]

Our Selling Price: US$60.00(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.

Weight: 370g

Our oni singlet is comfortable to wear. Elastic leg bands for fitting around the legs. We print double red lines on each back shoulder for non-slip effect. Red line from hip to leg has a little special effect that the referees don't look lifter's hip popping.(This is very a little effective.) When you are taken a picture from head side on benchpress, shoulder Oni logo looks correct direction. The moment your great benching will remain forever...

Sizing Chart

under 60kg: XS
60kg-70kg: S
70kg-80kg: M
80kg-90kg: L
90kg-115kg: XL
115kg-125kg: XXL
125kg over: XXXL

Packing weight:370g(including a box, bubble wrap)
Click below link, you quote the shipping charge by yourself.

Small size: Height 32mm X Width 45mm For horizontal direction on shoulder place. (7$ add)
Medium size: Height 43mm X Width 64mm For vertical direction on shoulder place. (7$ add)

Patch lead time is within 7days.

Small size: Height 100mm X Width 130mm (Within) For horizontal or vertical direction on shoulder place. (35$ add)

Printing lead time is approximate 21days.

Singlet can be washed by a washing machine. Please wash separately.
Printed Logos are easy to be pealed off keeping wet. So, when laundry done spread and dry on hanger soon.
No tumble dryer, no bleach, no dry-clean, no press.